(ALI-FLEX) During an outbreak: Use at 6000 ppm to reduce risks

During an outbreak

Why Ali-Flex: Use at 6000 ppm to reduce risks. Get started today by requesting at no cost or obligation a demonstration.

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Priority: to eradicate the outbreak

An outbreak in a hospital can cost several hundred thousands of dollars. The use of a sodium hypochlorite product at 5000 ppm or 6000 ppm is often recommended to eradicate surface contamination.

Whether you choose pre-soaked wipes, ready-to-use or dilutable liquid, Ali-Flex® matches perfectly the needs of healthcare environments.

Protecting Health and Integrity

Sodium hypochlorite can damage some surfaces over time. In addition, the characteristic pungent odor of bleach may affect patients or staff. However, in a well ventilated area, the use of sodium hypochlorite at 5000-6000 ppm does not present a health hazard.

Ali-Flex® with Certiklör on one hand, emits a less strong odor than ordinary bleach of equal concentration. On the other hand, it is less corrosive on surfaces. This is a winning situation in both cases. Wearing gloves is always recommended.

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