Sinner Circle

The Sinner circle shows the 4 factors that influence the quality of cleaning.

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Cleaning Solution Temperature can influence the quality of work. Some dirt will dislodge more easily under the effect of heat. One has only to think about washing the laundry. However, heat will have limits (risk of burns, damage to surfaces, strong steam generation of cleaning solutions). With the appropriate equipment, it is even possible to clean with steam!


We can never say enough, LET THE CLEANING SOLUTION WORK! The longer water and cleaning solution will be in contact with the soils, the better the dissolution. As an example, our parents had known for a long time that by leaving a dirty cauldron to soak all night, cleaning was greatly facilitated the next day! Time also has its limits, depending on the nature of the task, after a few minutes or hours, the impacts will be diminished.

Mechanical Action

Work, mechanical action or scrubbing, ! That's what it takes. So rub it manually with a rag or brush, this helps. By rubbing with a rotary floor machine using a floor pad, this also helps. Among the limits of the mechanical action, there is the maximum of physical effort, the risk of damage to the surfaces.


The chemical action of a sanitizing agent ensures better cleaning performance. A cleaner-degreaser will be more powerful than a neutral all-purpose cleaner. Some types of soils such as soap residues will be easily dislodged by acid products. The specific function of disinfectants on hard surfaces is to kill micro-organisms. Limits of chemicals include risks associated with handling, therefore personal protective equipment may be required. There is also the right choice according to the nature of the dirt.

The trick: it's a balance between the 4 factors

So the trick is that by increasing one factor, you can reduce others. For example:

  • Using a microfiber cloth rather than ordinary cloth, the mechanical action (more rough) is increased, the time can be reduced.
  • By increasing the water temperature (attention, not too much!), It is possible to reduce the mechanical action required or perhaps the power of the chemical.
  • By increasing the contact time of the cleaning solution, mechanical action can be reduced.