(ALI-FLEX) Improved Supply Chain: Always in stock, ready to ship

Improved Supply Chain

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How supply chain management is important?

To ensure a proper disinfection it is important to use products that are not expired. A good way to achieve this is by implementing a FIFO ("first in - first out") rotation system. By always using the oldest disinfectant that you have in inventory first, you will make sure that you won’t get stuck with old and maybe expired stuff!

Fresh in stock when and where you really need it

Ali-Flex® is manufactured and delivered at a high frequency to ensure a freshly produced disinfectant. Our deliveries are fast (usually within 24-48 business hours).

You benefit from it because it extends the shelf life of your products and ensures you receive your stock on time.

Stabilized Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Cleaners