(ALI-FLEX) Low odor: Odor level maintained low and pleasant to insure worker comfort and safety

Low odor

Why Ali-Flex: Odor level maintained low and pleasant to insure worker comfort and safety. Get started today by requesting at no cost or obligation a demonstration.

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Where does the smell of bleach comes from?

It is a known fact that Chlorinated Cleaners smell like bleach. But is it safe for the user or the patient? It is very unlikely that the use of hospital grade sodium hypochrlorite disinfectants (concentrated or at use dilution) will exceeds Occupational Exposure Limit.

In normal condition and if you follow label instructions, odor threshold (the moment that you smell it in the air) will be at 0.002 ppm. While perceivable sensory irritation will occurs at 1 ppm (in the air) 500 times more.

Ali-Flex® has low odor

The use of a bleach disinfectant comes with that distinct chlorine odor. However, the noticeable odor is caused when proteins (from bacteria and other oragnic soils) are broken down when the sodium hypochlorite reacts.

The more you clean and disinfect, the fewer proteins will be on the surfaces. Because Ali-Flex® cleans and disinfects, the odor will decrease as cleaning and disinfection increase.

Ali-Flex® with Certiklör

Ali-Flex® uses Certiklör exclusive technology by Lalema. Low odor is one of the three main factors of Certiklör technology. With the safety of patients and staff in mind, Ali-Flex® has been developed to reduce its odor level. Thus, while Ali-Flex® is used to clean and disinfect in a normally ventilated area, whether in its ready-to-use or concentrated form, Ali-Flex® has a less aggressive and more pleasant smell than ordinary bleach at the same concentration.

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