(ALI-FLEX) Microfiber Wipes: Wipes are made of microfiber with improved mechanical action

Microfiber Wipes

Why Ali-Flex: Wipes are made of microfiber with improved mechanical action. Get started today by requesting at no cost or obligation a demonstration.

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Why use microfiber?

Microfibers have a high capacity of absorption and retention of organic matter. They have a high durability and increased efficiency of mechanical action.

What defines a good microfiber: texture, absorbance, weight (density), no lint and no stretching.

Ali-Flex® Wipes

Use Ali-Flex® in pre-soaked wipes at 1250 ppm or 6000 ppm depending on the type of cleaning and disinfection desired. The wipes have a useful size of 7"X 7" or 7"X 7.5" and each container contains 95 wipes or 120 wipes. Compatible with most existing holding racks in the vast majority of healthcare establishments.

These disposable wipes are composed of more than 70% microfiber to offer the best properties at a reasonable cost.

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