(ALI-FLEX) Superior stability: Long lasting stability of sodium hypochlorite concentration

Superior stability

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Can Sodium Hypochlorite in solution be stable?

Regular sodium hypochlorite and water solutions are generally unstable. In fact, the higher the concentration, the more unstable the solution.

At the same time, solutions prepared by users must also be changed frequently mainly because of the risks of contamination and the uncontrolled conditions of storage and handling.

Ideal storage conditions such as a dark, cool place and an opaque, sealed container can prolong shelf life. New technological advancements now make it possible to create solutions of stabilized sodium hypochlorite with even longer shelf life.

Ali-Flex® is made with stabilized sodium hypochlorite

We produce Ali-Flex® in our Montreal (Canada) facility and is formulated with ingredients of the highest quality. Our researchers developed a way to stabilized sodium hypochlorite in our disinfecting cleaning solution.

When stored in a dark, cool place, sealed containers of Ali-Flex® will have a shelf life of 12 months or more (from manufacturing date). Be sure to look at the label, you will also find an expiration date and a lot number.

ali-flex stability

Ali-Flex® with Certiklör

Ali-Flex® uses Certiklör exclusive technology by Lalema. Superior stability is one of the three main factors of Certiklör technology. Ali-Flex® has been developed to prolong product shelf life compared to regular bleach or other cleaners with bleach.

Ali-Flex® with Certiklör technology combines superior stability with low odor and low corrosion while maintaining high cleaning power and remarkable disinfection efficiency.

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