(ALI-FLEX) For Daily Cleaning: Disinfection of high touch surfaces at 1250 ppm

For Daily Cleaning

Why Ali-Flex: Disinfection of high touch surfaces at 1250 ppm. Get started today by requesting at no cost or obligation a demonstration.

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Keep it clean

With a disinfectant cleaner at 1250 ppm of stabilized sodium hypochlorite, hard and non-porous surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected. Follow the instructions!

Look for the Certiklör logo to increase shelf life, reduce surface corrosion and reduce pungent odors!

Prevent the emergence of biofilms

The oxidizing properties of Ali-Flex® coupled with its cleaning power and the mechanical action of a microfiber cloth disrupts biofilms. Therefore, biofilm emergence is made much more difficult.

Your surfaces will be cleaner than ever!

Stabilized Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Cleaners